Criteria & Nomination

  • Nominations will be accepted and considered for any athlete, coach, administrator, or contributor who through Trophy his/her commitment, sacrifice, & dedication to the Pine-Richland Athletic Program has brought pride & distinction to our school and community. Athletes who have brought honor to PR through exemplary post-graduate accomplishments will be considered. Nominees must continue to be a citizen in good standing & not cause unfavorable publicity for district or community.

    •   Athlete – Must have attended Pine-Richland and be out of school for a minimum of 10 years.
    •   Coach – No longer Coaching.  (Coaches may be nominated for their participation with Pine-Richland  athletic teams only.)
    •   Contributor - Member of staff or community who has developed and fostered growth in the Pine-Richland athletic community.  This person does not need to live within the Pine-Richland community. 
        No waiting 
      period required.
    •   Team - Recognized for significant achievement, growth, or overcoming challenges.  The team must be made up of members, who attended Pine-Richland and have been out of school for a minimum of ten (10) years.

Nomination Forms

  • Application Nominators are encouraged to use the online forms.

    Online forms will automatically go to the executive director/director of athletics.

    Online Forms will be shared with the executive director (director of athletics).

    Need help submitting electronically, email