Athletic Hall of Fame Committee Executive Director 
    Sean Simmons, PRSD Athletic Director

    Executive Board
    : Jack McCurry
    Vice Chairperson: Patrick Hanulak
    Treasurer: Barb Young
    Secretary: Tiffany Meyer

    Brittany Adams - Current Girls Lacrosse Coach
    Larry Bracco - Youth Boys and Girls Sports & Community Member
    Nancy Bowman, PRHS Principal
    Marc Casciani - Community Member & PR Board Member
    Maureen Farrar - Booster Board Swimming (Not Shown)
    Patrick Hanulak - Booster Board Girls Lacrosse (Not Shown)
    Eric Kasperowicz - Current Boys Football Coach (Not Shown)
    Jack McCurry - Retired Coach & Community Member
    Jane McTighe - Graduate & Community Member
    Tiffany Meyer - Community Member
    John Pasquinelli - Retired Coach (Male Sports) & Community Member
    Barb Young - PRUBO Board Member 2014-2016 & Community Member