Math Pathways

  • Dear Parents/Guardians:

    The district provides an overview of the math pathways available for students, as they enter Grade 3 through Grade 8. The district provides this review annually for any families wishing to learn more about the process for determining math courses and how their child(ren) will progress through the available mathematics pathways leading up to graduation in a fluid, data-driven manner.
    The district updated the mathematics pathway chart during a comprehensive and systematic review process several years ago; narrowed the range of student readiness levels in the mathematics classrooms; and considered the most appropriate and available data points for making mathematics course placement recommendations. 
    This presentation, including the video podcast below, is meant to help you understand the math courses and pathways in an effort to help you understand the recommendation process for students entering grades 3-8. Through the recommendations made for your child for the upcoming school year, we want to ensure that we are providing a learning environment with a level of challenge that is just out of your child's reach.

    If you missed this year's program you can still gain more understanding of our mathematics program through our presentation materials found to the right of this information or by visiting this link.  
    Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our mathematics program. 
    Dr. Kristen M. Justus
    Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education & Curriculum
    Dr. Michael Pasquinelli
    Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education & Curriculum

Math Pathways Presentation

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