• Course Title: Vocational Training   Department: Special Education

    Grade Level: 9-12

    Time Per Day/Week: 42 minutes per day  Length of Course: Year

    Primary Resources: Model Transition Program (Job Readiness), Unique Learning Curriculum, I Can Work

    Units of Study:
    Unit 1: MTP--8 different modules that focus on Setting Goals, The Job Hunt, First Impressions, Professionalism, Managing Work and Personal Life, Confidence on the Job, The New Economy, Preparation
    Unit 2: ULC-Job Interest Surveys, Environmental Surveys, Strengths, Weaknesses, Adaptations, and Accommodations
    Unit 3: I Can Work-Retail, Grocery, Office, Restaurant 

    Curriculum-Based Assessments: 3-2-1 Activity Review/Vocational Assessments 

    Standardized Assessments: Brigance Transition Skills Inventory 

    Description of Course: 
    This vocational training course uses the Model Transition Program (Job Readiness Curriculum). These lessons provide tools that create valuable resources to plan for future and knowledge on how to get and maintain a job in the workforce. The Unique Curriculum helps with the creation of a vocational portfolio to help identify areas of interest, learning styles, positive work skills, and work environment preference.  The “I Can Work” Program utilizes a “hands-on” approach to learning the skills needed in common vocational workplaces; retail, grocery, office, and restaurant. The Vocational Training Course also uses the Brigance Transition Skills Inventory, which provides a baseline of knowledge in the areas of educational interests, career interests, career choices, work ethics and attitudes, social security applications, simple employment applications, complex employment applications, resume, W-4 form, employment eligibility verification, date writing, job interview questions, pre-employment vocabulary, words found on employment forms, phrases and questions found on employment forms, directions found on employment forms, employment pay and benefits vocabulary, payroll statements and checks, direction words for performing manual skills, direction words for processing information, abbreviations, alphabetization, labels, manuals, and paragraphs in workplace manual