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  • Preparing for the 2020-2021 School Year

    This communication is provided by Health Services & Wellness as a reminder to families of important health-related information as we prepare to the begin the 2020-2021 school year.

    Immunizations - See Important Update

    On July 21, 2020 the Pennsylvania Department of Health announced a temporary two-month suspension of the immunization requirements for school enrollment. You can read the entire release here. We are encouraging all families to continue to work with their child’s physicians to obtain required school immunizations. School Nurses will continue to notify families of incomplete immunization records as well as the new deadline of October 26th for compliance. Please contact your school nurse with any questions or concerns.
    To view the immunization requirements, go to the Pennsylvania Department of Health & Allegheny County guidelines
    Please note the immunization requirements for students going into 7th and 12th grade. Please provide an updated immunization record to the school health office.

    Health Exams

    Dental Examinations are required for all students entering grades K, 3 and 7. You may use the Dental Examination Form or the dentist's signed printout.
    Physical Examinations are required for all students entering grades 6 and 11. You may use the District's Physical Examination Form or a computer printout of the physical with the doctor's signature. 
    Exams must be dated after August 25, 2019. Exam forms are due into your child’s Health Office by December 1, 2020.

    Dietary Considerations

    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania School Nutrition Program must comply with the Federal Regulations in providing food service to children with special needs.
    If your student has a food allergy that requires a substitution, a doctor's prescription must be on file with the school nurse. A new prescription must be provided every year.
    Download the Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service, which includes the Federal Regulations and guidelines at the top. Have your doctor complete the form to arrange for substitutions when writing the medical prescription. Students without a medical statement for a substitute will be charged ala carte pricing for substitution. 

    Medications at School

    If you believe your child will require medication at school, prescription or over-the-counter, during the 2020-2021 school year, please download the Medication Permission form. Ask your child's doctor to complete this form over the summer and bring the signed form with the prescribed medication on the first day of school. Check the expiration dates on all Inhalers, Epi-pens, and diabetic supplies to ensure they will last through the end of the 2020-2021 school year. 
    Important note about Nebulizers: We are unable to have nebulizers at school. We encourage parents to get orders from their physicians for inhalers and spacers, if needed.
    Attention High & Middle School Families: If your student will be carrying his/her epi-pen or inhaler, please complete the Permission to Carry Epi-Pens/Inhalers/Diabetic Supplies Form and return to your building's school nurse.​ This is in addition to the school district's medication form.
    Food Allergies: If your child has a life-threatening food allergy and requires an epi-pen at school, please have your doctor complete this Food Allergy Action Plan and bring this completed plan with the medication on the first day of school. For grades K-6, we are asking that parents complete a Self-Management Allergy Checklist to be submitted at the beginning of next school year.