RAMS Way Principal 100 Club

  • RAMS WAY rewards RAMS Way tickets are given for exhibiting behavior that is considered Respectful, Accountable, Motivated, and/or Safe.  RAMS Way tickets can be given by any adult in the school and are color-coded by grade level and specials area.  When a student earns a RAMS way ticket, they write their name on the ticket and place it in one of the green grade level boxes.  They also get to sign their name in the celebrity notebook by the green grade level boxes.

    Each week, the tickets are collected and then names are drawn on Monday morning over the announcements.  Students that win the drawing are called to the flower room to draw a number for the Principal 100 club and also to select a prize from Ms. Godino.  Certificates are given for students to take home. 

    The number the student draws corresponds to a number on the Principal 100 club chart displayed in the front of the school.  Once a row or column is filled with 10 tickets, that group of 10 students receives a prize.  The ten students are called to the main office and spin the prize wheel.

    In order to determine what is motivating and rewarding for students, the third-grade leadership team made up of student representatives chose rewards to place on the prize wheel.  Examples of rewards chosen include a walking tour, sitting in the principal's chair for a day, or having a round table luncheon while playing a game with the principal. 

    Student Leaders