RAMS Way Teacher Management

  • RAMS Way Chart Since the start of the RAMS way at Hance Elementary, teachers have taken on a positive approach to classroom management.  Each classroom utilizes a management system that accentuates the positive and teaches behaviors explicitly.  It is important when using a positive approach to behavior to not lose sight that behavior must be taught to students.  The cycle for teaching behavior includes model, practice, teach, and reinforce.  At times, we understand that negative behaviors do occur.  We deploy natural and logical consequences to help students think and reflect about their behavior and how they can change it next time.  Each teacher is able to find a classroom management system that works for them but follows the tenets of the RAMS Way.  Some examples of positive classroom management systems that we are using at Hance include:

    • Earning RAMS Way tickets
    • Classroom Dojo 
    • Earning marbles for a class or individual reward
    • Clip UP systems
    • Brag Tags
    • Brownie points
    • Shout outs


    Classroom Management System