Cloud Computing K-12

  • Google Apps Pine-Richland School District (PRSD) is pleased to announce an opportunity to integrate technology to enhance our educational process within our schools. Through this initiative, students (K-12) will have access to “cloud” computing through Google Apps for Education. Cloud computing is simply sharing software applications over a network; while it represents cost savings, the true value is in leveraging technology as a collaborative resource for students and staff to share ideas and express their learning through a digital platform, which embraces our value of “Innovation” and building students’ skills to prepare them for the future. 

    Google Apps for Education provides our students and teachers with a platform to communicate and collaborate in a safe, online environment using word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet tools.  Pine-Richland’s Google account is a closed domain limiting the interaction to PRSD students, employees, and approved educational partners.  Through this initiative, students will engage in activities designed to help them discover the opportunities and responsibilities that coincide with online learning, namely digital citizenship.  The school district has developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions for our parents and community to reference including an option for families to opt-out.  The purchasing of individual computers or other devices will not be required or necessary as we have a number of shared devices already in place.

    Pine-Richland School District’s Google Apps accounts are only to be used for school-related tasks.  To use Google's services as provided to PRSD, all participants must be aware of, agree to, and adhere to the following:

    • Students must abide by the PRSD Acceptable Use Policy and Google’s Terms of Service when utilizing Google Apps for Education services.  A copy of the Acceptable Use Policy is available for review on the District’s website.
    • Students can receive technical assistance with their Google account by notifying their teacher.

    Students must use their clever login badge provided by their homeroom teacher to log into google and class resources.  This information is currently leveraged to allow students to log into various curricular resources through Clever badges. Enabling these accounts will also provide students the opportunity to leverage GoogleMeets to take part in check-ins with their teachers, as scheduled.  Only these and other Google products that have academic value have been activated for your child’s use. Additional information specific to Google Apps for Education can be viewed at

    Pine-Richland School District is committed to integrating current educational technology and assisting you in preparing your child for post-high school experiences. Granting students’ access to Google Apps for Education aligns with this commitment and encourages students to think critically and collaborate in a safe, online learning environment.