Roles and Responsibilities of the Pine-Richland School Board Leadership

    Purpose and Philosophy
    To define the duties and responsibilities of board leadership and positions of president, vice president, treasurer, and subject leads. 

    Board Leadership
    Board Leadership positions consist of the Board President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Board Leadership maintains a bird’s eye view over the daily governing of the district and participates in regular communication with the superintendent (e.g., monthly agenda phone call).
    Responsibilities of Board Leadership Positions

    Board President
    The board president is elected at the annual reorganization meeting in December. He/she assumes responsibility for the overall function of the board including presiding over and conducting all board meetings per board policy and Roberts Rules of Order.  

    The board president also plays an extremely important role on the interpersonal side of the board.  He/she must solicit and be responsive to other board members’ views, manage different personalities and perspectives, and work to create and maintain a trusting relationship with the administration.  Monitoring and nurturing positive dynamics by creating an environment in which board members feel engaged, included, respected, and able to make a positive contribution are important aspects of the position.

    In addition, the board president has the responsibility to:

    1. Ensure the entire board governs effectively;
    2. To support and maintain positive relationships with each board member;
    3. Ensure the entire board collaborates cohesively through the DECIDE model;
    4. Work with board secretary, board leadership, and/or superintendent when appropriate;
    5. Lead the whole board in focusing on completing its strategic plan goals;
    6. Appoint subject leads for each specific governance area (finance, building & grounds, academic achievement, student services, staff services, and operational services); 
    7. Network and engage with community members;
    8. Direct the interview process for the appointment of any board vacancy that may occur;
    9. Direct the search and interview process for the appointment of the Superintendent of Schools;
    10. Gather entire board feedback on the superintendent’s performance for a mid-year and end-of-year evaluation; and
    11. Collect, compile, and distribute an annual board self-assessment report.

    Board Vice President
    The board vice president is elected at the annual Reorganization meeting in December. In the board president’s absence, the vice president presides at and conducts any board meeting per board policy and Roberts Rules.  The vice president also works in conjunction with the board president to ensure the board works towards its strategic goals.

    Board Treasurer
    The position of treasurer is board approved during the month of May. The treasurer maintains a close relationship with the district’s director of finance in all aspects of financial management.  The treasurer serves as a liaison between district administration and the entire board as well as serves as subject lead for Finance meetings.

    Subject Leads
    Subject leads are assigned annually by the board president following the reorganization meeting. Each subject lead spearheads meetings scheduled for specific areas of governance, including but not limited to finance, academic achievement, building and grounds, student services, staff services, and operational services.  Each subject lead maintains a relationship with an individual senior leadership team member(s) with the expertise of his/her specific subject.