End-of-Year Health Services FAQs

  •  FAQs Dear Families,
    To accompany the recent Frequently Asked Questions during the COVID Continuity of Learning, the district has also created a Health Services FAQ section for families.
    Please review some questions below. These will be embedded in our Operational & Programming FAQs, which can be found via this link.
    Do I have to pick up my student’s medication?
    If a parent/guardian prefers to leave the medication at school due to the COVID-19 situation, the medication will be kept in the health office over the summer. A new medication order Medication permission form, signed by your physician, along with parent permission will be required for the start of the school year for the held medication to be administered.
    How do I pick up my student’s medication from school?
    If you would like to pick up your child's medication, please fill out this form Medication Pick Up Request by MAY 27th. You will be contacted when pick up is available. As a reminder, medication MUST be picked up by a parent /guardian. No medications will be given to students. 
    What if my student’s medication will expire before the start of the school year?   
    The school nurse will notify parents/guardians via email if a medication has or will expire before the start of the school year. Expired medication will be discarded.
    Dental Exams/Physical Exams:
    Are Dental/Physical Exams Required? 
    Dental Examinations are required for all students entering grades K, 3 and 7. You may use the Dental Examination Form or the dentist's signed printout.
    Physical Examinations are required for all students entering grades 6 and 11. You may use the District's Physical Examination Form or a computer printout of the physical with the doctor's signature. 
    Exams must be dated after August 25, 2019. Exam forms are due into your child’s Health Office by December 1st.
    Where can I find information about immunizations?
    Please be sure that your child’s immunizations are in compliance with Pennsylvania Department of Health & Allegheny County guidelines
    Please note the immunization requirements for students going into 7th and 12th grade. These are required before the start of school. Please provide an updated immunization record to your child’s health office.
    Will there be an extension on deadlines for immunizations and exams due to the COVID-19 situation?
    This process is managed through the Division of Immunizations. At this point, there have been no changes to the immunization requirements. If this changes, notification will be sent out via district-wide communications.
    How do I send the health documents into school?
    Mail: You can mail any documents into the school, please mark the envelope “Attention School Nurse.”
    Fax: Documents may be faxed into school. Please direct fax “Attention School Nurse.
    Email: You may email the documents directly to the school nurse. 
    Thank you for reviewing the important Health Services information.
    Dr. Kristen Justus,
    Pine-Richland Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education & Curriculum
    Shelly Elbel, RN, BSN, & CSN
    Pine-Richland High School
    Terry Wentz, MSN, CRNP, & CSN
    Eden Hall Upper Elementary School Nurse
    Beth Cassandro, RN, BSN, CSN
    Richland Elementary School Nurse
    Michelle Schonbachler RN, BSN, & CSN
    Pine-Richland High School
    Department Chair of Health Services
    Karen Halliday MS, BSN, RN, & CSN
    Pine-Richland Middle School
    Jackie Cerney, BSN, RN, & CSN
    Hance Elementary & Wexford Elementary Schools