Members of the PRSD Healthcare Leadership Council

  • Senior Leadership Team: Dr. Miller (Superintendent); Dr. Pasquinelli (Asst. Superintendent); Dr. Justus (Asst. Superintendent); Mr. Noel Hustwit (Director of Student Services & Special Education); Mr. Kenney (Director of HR & Legal Affairs); Ms. Hathhorn (Director of Communication); Mrs. Kirk (Director of Financial & Operational Services); Mr. Shawn Stoebener (Director of Technology)

    Administrators: Mrs. Nancy Bowman (PRHS); Dr. Dave Kristofic (PRMS); Mrs. Paula Giran (EHUE); Mrs. Greta Kuzilla (HES/RES/WES); Mr. Jeff Zimmerman (Director of Facilities); Mr. Clayton Gruber (Custodial Supervisor); Mr. Sean Simmons (Director of Athletics); Mrs. Kim Charney (Transportation & Facility Use Coordinator)

    Mr. Chris Vins (PREA President); Mr. Brian DeVinney (PREA Secondary Vice-President); Mrs. Danielle Kcehowski (PREA Elementary Vice-President); Mrs. Patti Noble (ESPA President); Mrs. Michelle Schonbachler (School Nurse Department Chair); Mrs. Barbara Williams (Administrative Support); Ms. Margo Kohler and Mr. Jim Bichler (Building Level Technology Coaches)

    Governance: Mrs. Christine Misback (PRSD School Board) 

    Students: Executive Board Pres: Zeyad Amr; Class of 2021 President: Gaby Stone. 

    Key Partners: Mrs. Colleen McAndrew (STA Manager); Mr. Andy Hartman (STA Assistant Manager); Mrs. Diane Bucknum (SODEXO Manager)

    Medical and Public Health Experts: Dr. Domenic Mantella (PRSD School Physician); Dr. Amy Cashdollar, Chief Operating Officer (AHN); Erin Colvin, CRNP (CHP); Dr. Vaughn Cooper, Professor of Microbiology Molecular Genetics (Pitt) Co-Founder of Microbial Genome Sequencing Center; Renee Dixson, RN (UPMC); Dr. Tony Farah, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical/Clinical Transformation Officer (HH); Dr. Catherine Hrach, Emergency Physician (BHS); Dr. Jenene Hunkele, Sr. Medical Science Liaison (Alexion); Dr. Allan Klapper, CEO (AHN); Dr. Brook McHugh, Pediatrician (AHN); Dr. Tyler Quinn, Research Physiologist (NIOSH); Dr. Ryan Shields, Infectious Diseases Pharmacist/Assoc. Professor of Medicine (Pitt; UPMC) 

    The healthcare leadership council meets monthly.



Healthcare Leadership Council Presentations