Executive Board

  • Executive Board Duties

    The PSA President presides over all general meetings and guides and coordinates the work of the Executive Board so that the purpose of the PSA may be promoted

    Vice President(s)
    The Vice President(s) coordinate the work of the PSA Committees, serve as an aid to the President, and would assume the role of the President if that position becomes vacant for any reason. The Vice President(s) preside and perform the duties of the President in the President's absence.

    The Secretary records, transcribes, copies, and distributes the minutes of all general meetings. Copies of these minutes are located on the PSA website and in a binder in the school office and are available for review by any PSA member. The Secretary has charge of all Officers correspondence including records, correspondence, documents, and Bylaws, and makes notification of PSA general meetings.

    The Treasurer receives all monies of the PSA and keeps an accurate record of the receipts and expenditures and pays out funds approved in the budget or as authorized by the Officers. The Treasurer makes a full financial report of the preceding fiscal year at the first General Meeting of the school year and presents a financial statement of income and expenses at each general meeting.