Mrs. Bagnato

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     Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year with 
    Mrs. Bagnato in Room 613     

    "Make it a Great Day!

    Welcome to 4th grade in Mrs. Bagnato's Minion room! It is going to be a fabulous year!

    You will be starting a new school, meeting new friends, and getting to know an entirely new building full of awesome teachers, principals, and new learning opportunities! I can't wait to meet you all and get this year started with a GROWTH MINDSET! Bring your positive learning statements and get ready to LEARN from your teacher, your peers, and your mistakes!

    Below you will find a list of items needed to start 4th grade. I will be your math and science teacher. Mrs. Kohler will be your ELA and social studies teacher. Our school supply list is in the link provided. Please stick to the list.

    School starts on August 24, and  I look forward to meeting you then :)  Enjoy the rest of your summer. ❤

    A couple of other important notes/tips for the first day:

    *Students may bring a simple healthy snack, easy to open, no peeling or utensils required, every day. NO PEANUTS

    *Students may bring a water bottle to school. No glass, even if covered by a coating.

    *Put your child's name in/on EVERYTHING. (lunchbox, waterbottles, backpacks, coats, sweatshirts, footballs, etc)  Or left on the bus and a mysterious lunch sits in the office all day because there is no name. Just a little tip!


    8:15-8:35  Arrival/Announcements

    8:40-9:15  Explore Activities/Classroom Activities

    9:15-10:20  ELA/Math 1 (Accelerated/T3)


    10:20-11:25  ELA/Math 2

    11:30-12:00 LUNCH

    12:00-12:30 RECESS

    12:35-1:40 Sci/SS

    1:40-2:25 Encore

    2:25-3:10 RAM

    3:10-3:30 Dismissal



    DAY 1-Music-Mr. Rickenback

    DAY 2-Art-Mrs.Tronetti

    DAY 3-Keyboarding-Mr. Baird

    DAY 4-World Language-

    DAY 5-Gym-Mrs. Adams

    Click here for the 2020-2021 Supply List for Grade 4.  


Daily Homework

  • Daily homework assignments and due dates are written in the assignment notebook every Monday by the students. 

    All students will be given a PR Student Planner/Assignment notebook for the year. This Planner/Assignment notebook is used every day to write down all assignments, music lessons, groups, and due dates for any project in school. It is the most important way to communicate what is due for students' schoolwork. It is expected that all students will use this planner to communicate that information to parents. For the first 9 weeks of school, I will be checking the assignment planner at the end of the day to make sure that all assignments are written down correctly. I would also like to have you put your initials at the bottom of that day's assignments to make sure that you are aware that all the homework was completed. Nine weeks is enough time to develop the new habit of using the assignment notebook. After that, we will no longer check and initial the book. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this great learning experience in organizational skills for the 4th grade.  



    Homework is subject to change due to what is accomplished in class. All Changes will be noted in the Students' Assignment Planner.





Math Homework Points


    Students will start with 30 points at the beginning of each grading period. For each incomplete assignment, the student will lose 2 points.
    For each late assignment, the student will lose 1 point.


    Introduction to the Scientific Method: Save Fred!