Message from the Pine-Richland School Board
    Dear Pine-Richland Community,
    Greetings to all residents of Pine-Richland School District. In many traditions, this holiday season is observed as a time for giving gifts and thanks. In that spirit, the Pine-Richland School District Board of Directors would like to offer our own thanks to the community for the gifts the district has received. 
    Since the beginning of the pandemic in March, the success of our response as a school district has relied upon the input, expertise, cooperation, and financial support of the residents of Pine-Richland. You have offered support, understanding, positive comments, constructive feedback, criticisms, and solutions to the challenges we have faced together. You have trusted that our teachers, para-educators, custodians, coaches, administrators and school board are all working together in the best interest of our children. You have turned your homes into classrooms, your cars into school busses, and kept our students safe by emphasizing the big three. 
    Through your tax dollars, you have provided material support for over 500 employees and 4,500 students:
    • 250 new classroom voice amplification systems;
    • Over 1,100 new student Chromebooks;
    • Sustained capital investment in our technology infrastructure, without which our hybrid and virtual models would not be possible;
    • Two additional weeks of time for teachers to learn new technologies and prepare entirely new lessons;
    • 14 long-term and 25 daily substitute teachers hired to increase distancing, cover absences and help to create the Pine-Richland Virtual Academy; and
    • Free breakfast and lunch for any child in the district (funded with federal tax dollars).
    Without your support, our success would not be possible. Because of your investments in this district, we can begin to see the silver linings -- positive and sustainable transformation in how we fulfill our mission. Our students and teachers have acquired a vast array of new technical skills and resources at a pace and scale that would have been unimaginable just a year ago. These are not just critical life and job skills, but provide a pathway to more collaborative learning, increased differentiation in our “classrooms,” and a better focus on every student every day.
    The flexibility of the in-person/hybrid/full-virtual models has helped both teachers and students better discover what works and what doesn’t work for them. Online meetings have provided additional opportunities to share successful strategies and to elevate voices that would not otherwise be heard. 
    We will continue to work with the community and the administration to help guide the district in 2021. More change is a certainty, as are additional challenges. But with the efforts and support of Pine-Richland families like your own we can look forward to a better and brighter future in 2021 and be grateful for these silver linings in this season of thanks.
    Happy Holidays,
    Pine-Richland School District Board of Directors
    Mr. Peter Lyons
    Board President
    Ms. Christine Misback
    Board Vice President
    Mr. Marc Casciani
    Board Treasurer
    Dr. Benjamin Campbell
    Mr. Greg DiTullio
    Dr. Matthew Mehalik
    Dr. Carla Meyer
    Mr. Matthew Moye
    Mrs. Katarzyna Swope