• Grades K-6:

    • Course acceleration is recommended when students meet district established criteria in mathematics. Waivers are not accepted.

    Grades 7-12:

    • Students may take courses outside of Pine-Richland School District for the purpose of moving ahead in mathematics, science or world language pathways. A student will not receive credit for the outside course, but the student may move to the next course in the pathway. A student may accelerate in a course pathway, provided:
      1. The student assumes responsibility for all fees including tuition and textbooks.
      2. The building principal approves the course in advance.
      3. The course is offered by an institution approved by the Superintendent or designee.
      4. The student demonstrates readiness to move into the new pathway course.
    • Waivers are not accepted.
    • Course acceleration may result in gaps in student learning that could impact student performance in future courses of study. Parents, staff and students should collaborate and make data-informed decisions related to course acceleration.