PRSD Graduate Portrait

  • PR Grad Portrait and Skills Pine-Richland Graduate Portrait

    The concept of the Pine-Richland Graduate Portrait emerged during the strategic planning process as a way to emphasize that a quality education consists of much more than an increase in knowledge. The four developmental dimensions include:

    • Knowledge
    • Skills
    • Health & Wellness
    • Personal Qualities & Characteristics. 

    Over the course of the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year, Pine-Richland launched a PR Graduate Portrait Challenge to introduce each dimension and give students, staff, and parents the opportunity to engage in the ideas. Health & Wellness is one example to highlight this work. In the survey response graph, you see the prioritized values of exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress management.

    This type of interactive approach was used for all four dimensions to help us collectively determine a holistic understanding of a quality education.

    The district also embedded the concept of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into the framework. Pine-Richland School District believes in the critical importance of a positive culture of respect and equal opportunity for all people - students, staff, parents and community - regardless of race, color, gender or gender identity, orientation, religion, national origin, abilities, disabilities and more.

    We have emphasized the dimensions of the PR Graduate Portrait. Within that framework, there are three specific elements to emphasize at this time: (1) respect; (2) valuing cultures and people; and (3) civic and community engagement. We have said throughout the roll-out of the graduate portrait that these elements are not just for seniors.

    They are a part of each of us. We commit to continuous effort in strengthening our shared community for each and every person.

    The picture to the right represents every child from K-12 leading up to graduation.