Important Grade Span Schedules During Closures & Delays

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    Dear Parents/Guardians:
    We have learned (and experienced) so much in 2020 and 2021. We have developed a new set of skills for teaching and learning. This dynamic approach to weather-related closures will provide continuity of learning and also ensure compliance with state requirements.
    Schedule Logistics:
    ●     If there is a two-hour delay, nothing changes from the traditional approach. We will delay the start of school and then transport to the schools.
    ●     If there is a closure, we will have school via virtual learning. This virtual learning schedule may apply to any type of school closure.  A structured schedule will be shared at each level. That schedule will include a two-hour block at the beginning of the day for students to study, complete homework, and make progress on projects. This asynchronous period will allow students to get organized and staff to finalize preparations. Synchronous learning will then begin with shortened periods of learning. 
    Pennsylvania requires a minimum number of learning days and hours.  We must be prepared to use our experience with virtual learning in the event of a weather-related closure.
    The key point is that we will implement a modified schedule for synchronous learning at the building level. 
    Please click on your child’s grade span level below to find out specific details regarding schedules during delays and school closures. It is important for you to review these plans so when a delay or closing is called, you will know precisely how to prepare for the day. 

    For two-hour delays, remember to follow the A-K/L-Z day schedule if you are studying via the hybrid model. If you are studying 100% virtually, you would also follow the same instructions for delays and closures.