Eden Hall Schedule

  • As we proceed through the winter months, we must be prepared for snowy and extremely cold weather conditions. In order to prepare for these types of situations, we would like to share plans for two-hour delay days and school closure. Each classroom will follow a modified schedule that allows students to participate in content area classes, encores and RAM Time. 

    If there is a two-hour delay, students will follow a modified classroom schedule that classroom teachers will make available to students and families. Students attending school in-person on two-hour delay days will begin arriving at school at 10:15 am. Students attending school virtually on a two-hour delay day should begin entering classes between 10:15-10:35 am. All students (in-person and virtually) must be in class by 10:35 am and the instructional day will begin at 10:40 am. Student dismissal will begin with car riders at 3:10 pm and bus dismissal at 3:20 pm. 

    If there is a closure, we will have school via virtual learning. That schedule will directly mirror the two-hour delay schedule. The first two-hour block of time (8:15-10:15 am) is for students to study, complete homework and make progress on projects. This asynchronous period will allow students to get organized and staff to finalize preparations for the day. Synchronous learning will follow the traditional two-hour delay schedule beginning at 10:40 am (10:15-10:35 am can be used for students to begin entering the virtual class and attendance will be taken). Classroom schedules will vary based on grade level and biome. Schedules will be posted in your child’s virtual learning classroom. 

    Download our Virtual Learning How-To Guide »