Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council

  • DEI Leadership Council

     The Pine-Richland School District Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council is made up of more than 40 members
    who represent parents, students, residents,as well as district employees and administrators.

    The council also has a nice balance of parents and staff members who represent the various
    grade spans and school buildings. 


    Council Members

    First Name Last Name Role Building
    Dr. Russell Patterson Parent EHUE
    Meredith Mestre Parent EHUE
    Tanisha Lydic Parent PRHS, PRMS
    Rashard/Carla Gathers Parent PRHS
    Susan Hong-Bang Parent PRHS, PRMS
    Michelle Plowey Parent PRMS
    Hetal Dhagat Parent RES
    Darrell Smalley Parent WES
    Sofya Stearns Parent WES
    Kristen Justus District Admin
    Michael Pasquinelli District Admin
    Brian Miller District Admin
    Brian Glickman District Admin
    Noel Hustwit District Admin
    Rachel Hathhorn District Admin
    Danielle Bryant Student PRHS
    Peter (P.J.) Blackwell Student PRHS
    Alexander (A.J.) Lachimia Student PRHS
    Andrew Siegal Student PRHS
    Zeyad Amr Student PRHS
    Jennifer Miller District EHUE
    Angela Mesin District EHUE
    Nicole Berezo District EHUE
    Tammy Godino District HES
    Sean Simmons District PRHS
    Mary Perko District PRHS
    Nancy Bowman District PRHS
    Leslie Straub District PRHS
    Dr. Michelle Switala District PRHS
    Tricia Jones District PRMS
    Jacob Minsinger District PRMS
    Michael Rose District PRMS
    Carolyn Welshonce District PRMS
    Terree Gayle District PRMS
    Maura Paczan District Pupil Services
    Jenna Sloan District RES
    Stephanie Jewart District RES
    Joanna Firmin District WES
    Dr. Carla Meyer School Board District
    Peter Lyons School Board District
    Kasia Swope School Board District
    Marc Casciani School Board District