Initial Complaint Procedure & Form

  • Complaint Process Discrimination/Sexual Harassment/Bullying/Hazing/
    Dating Violence/Retaliation  Initial Complaint Form

    The board declares it to be the policy of this district to provide a safe, positive learning and working environment that is free from bullying, hazing, dating violence, sexual harassment and other discrimination, and retaliation. If you have experienced, or if you have knowledge of, any such actions, we encourage you to complete this form. The Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator is there to support you by answering any questions about the report form, reviewing the report form for completion, and assisting as necessary with the completion of the report. The compliance officer/Title IX coordinator’s contact information is: 

    Mr. Brian Glickman, Director of Human Resources
    702 Warrendale Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044
    (724) 625-7773 ext. 6201

    Retaliation Prohibited

    The district, its employees, and others are prohibited from intimidating, threatening, coercing, or discriminating against anyone for filing this report. Please contact the compliance officer/Title IX coordinator immediately if believe retaliation has occurred.  


    Confidentiality of all parties, witnesses, the allegations, and the filing of a report shall be handled in accordance with applicable law, regulations, Board policy, procedures, and the district’s legal and investigative obligations. The school will take all reasonable steps to investigate and respond to the report, consistent with a request for confidentiality as long as doing so does not preclude the school from responding effectively to the report. If you have any questions regarding how the information contained in this report may be used, please discuss them with the compliance officer/Title IX coordinator prior to filing the report. Once this report is filed, the district has an obligation to investigate the information provided.

    Note: For purposes of Title IX sexual harassment, the initial complaint report form serves initially as an informal report, not a formal complaint of Sexual Harassment under Title IX.

    Click here to download and fill out an initial complaint form.