• PRHS PTO Board Position Descriptions 


    1. Presides over all meetings of the PRHS PTO and the Executive Board
    2. Liaison with Administrators and district PTO Presidents;
    3. Acts as ex-officio member of all committess except the Nominating Committee
    4. Co-sign PRHS PTO checks with Treasurer or Vice-President; and
    5. Preside over the annual transition of power to newly elected officers by overseeing the collection of committee files each May/June for review priot to their storage with other PRHS PTO information and the distribution of copies of relevant files to newly elected and appointed officers and committee chairpersons.


    Co-Vice Presidents x2

    1. Co-ordinate PTO Committees and communicate with committee chairs and volunteers to enusre student enrichment is met;
    2. Perform all duties of the President in the event that the President is absent, unable or unwilling to perform such duties;
    3. Co-sign PRHS PTO checks with the Treasurer or President; and
    4. Assist the President in the discharge of his/her duties.



    1. Keep a complete record of PRHS PTO income and expenditures using Money-Minder
    2. Receive and account of all monies of the PRHS PTO
    3. Pay all PRHS PTO bills incurred
    4. Co-sign all PRHS PTO checks with the President or Vice-President;
    5. Give Financial report at all monthly meetings
    6. Prepare a final annual balance sheet and year-to-date income statement for submission to the final meeting and a final Treasurer's report for presentation at the final meeting of the school year.
    7. Act as primary contact for committee chairs questions on budget and historical expenditures; and
    8. Create committee budgetary reports and final comparative resports for committee summaries



    1. Take minutes at all meetings of the PRHS PTO and Executive Board, and make minutes available for review by the members of the PRHS PTO.
    2. Post those minutes to the PRHS PTO Web page
    3. Keep an accurate roster of Officers and committee chairpersons
    4. Act as custodian of books and papers belonging to the PRHS PTO
    5. Manage PRHS PTO Social Media announcements, on FaceBook and Twitter
    6. Submit all books and papers at the end of the term of office