• 2020 Policy Updates


    As part of a cyclical review process, the PR School Board and Administration review and approve policies.   During 2020 miscellaneous policies, including policies 330 Overtime, 705 Facilities and Workplace Safety, 709 Building Security, and 713 Trespassing on or Misuse of School Property.


    Due to COVID 19, the temporary suspension was approved by the board on March 16, 2021, of any provisions set forth in Policy 006.1 Use of Teleconferencing that (1) limits a Board member’s participation in any Board or committee meeting by teleconferencing or video conferencing to no more than twice a year, and (2) requires that a majority of Board members shall be physically present at a Board meeting when a Board member participates through teleconference or video conference. The suspension of these provisions shall remain in effect while District schools are closed for traditional education programs to mitigate the potential for local spread of the Coronavirus.   During the period in which these Policy provisions are suspended, there is no limit on the number of occasions on which a Board member may participate in a meeting by teleconferencing or video conferencing and there is no requirement that a majority of members be physically present at a Board meeting when a member participates in the meeting through electronic communications.  Each member participating in the meeting by electronic means shall be counted as present for the meeting.