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    Healthy Roster is a free mobile app/web-based program. It connects parents and coaches from Pine-Richland with their licensed athletic trainers to improve communication and care for student athletes.

    The program is HIPPA compliant — meaning your child’s information is secure and available only to individuals you choose. 

    With the app, you can:

    • View treatments or participation status.
    • Upload images or documents and fill out pre-loaded documents.
    • View resources to expedite health care visits. 
    • Expand your child’s profile for better care. 
    • Additional communication via Healthy Roster Messages.

    Your AHN Sports Medicine athletic trainers will need to complete a profile for your child using his or her pre-season physical and the HIPAA Consent to Treat forms that are on file at your school.  



    To create a free Healthy Roster account, please use this link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfMUQKsy7bQGglFueHePPNm1qvhtPt0lCYNCyoo_YyrbrfFCA/viewform?usp=sf_link

    **Once we receive your email information, we will enter it into the system. You will receive an invitation from Healthy Roster to set up your account within 3-5 business days.  Once you receive the invite, you will have 24 hours to set up the account before the passcode expires. After you have set up your account, you will be able to fill out all required forms.  Additionally, you will need to choose the roster for each of the sports within the Pine-Richland School Organization that your son/daughter is interested in.


    Steps to complete the mandatory physical forms:

    1. Log onto your account and click on your athlete's profile.  
    2. Select the Documents tab.
    3. The following forms (documents) must be filled out online and signed electronically:
    • Please note, the completion of these forms may be easier to navigate via healthyroster.com.

        PIAA CIPPE - Sections 1 

        PIAA CIPPE - Sections 2-5

        PIAA CIPPE - Section 6

        PIAA CIPPE - Section 7 *

        PIAA CIPPE - Section 8 ** (multi-sport athletes)

        AHN Sports Medicine HIPPA

        AHN Sports Medicine Consent to Treat


    *  PIAA CIPPE - Section 7, print form and take it to the doctor’s office for completion. The completed form must be scanned or photographed, then uploaded to Healthy Roster.

    ** PIAA CIPPE - Section 8 is for multi-sport athletes or students participating in more than one sport in an athletic year. This form cannot be filled out any earlier than 6 weeks prior to the start of the sports season.


    1. Once the forms are complete, the athletic training staff will review and approve.



    See step-by-step video tutorials on how to get started and how to use Healthy Roster effectively via hrtraining.camp/parents.


    You can also learn more about Healthy Roster by watching this YouTube video: 





    Q: Can I still turn in paper copies of the mandatory forms (documents) to the Athletic Office?

    A: No.  All paperwork must be submitted online via Healthy Roster.  


    Q: Why can’t I fill out PIAA CIPPE - Section 7 online?

    A: PIAA CIPPE - Section 7 is the actual physical that requires a physician signature, which cannot be done electronically.  To upload this form, please follow the instructions found with the PIAA CIPPE - Section 7 document in Healthy Roster. 


    Q: Why is PIAA CIPPE - Section 8 not mandatory for all athletes?

    A: PIAA CIPPE - Section 8 is only mandatory for athletes who are playing more than one (1) sport during a school year.  This form won’t be available to complete no earlier then six (6) weeks prior to the start of the winter and spring sports season. 


    Q: Can I fill out the forms (documents) prior to June 1st and submit the physical after June 1st?

    A: No.  All paperwork must be completed and signed after June 1st per PIAA guidelines.  All documents will be electronically dated when completed online, so you won’t be able to change the date. 


    Q: If I make a mistake can I go back and correct it?

    A: No.  Due to HIPPA and protection of your information, information can not be edited once it has been submitted.  If you notice a mistake, you will need to contact one of the athletic trainers to delete that form and then it will need to be completed in full again.  Please double check all information before moving on to the next section.

    Q: Do these forms (documents) need to be filled out prior to voluntary, off-season workouts?

    A: No.  All paperwork is due prior to the start of the first official day of practice/try-outs.


    Q: If I have health care  insurance other than Highmark (i.e. UPMC, Cigna, United, and Aetna), do I need to complete the Allegheny Health Network - Authorization for Release of Protected Info and Allegheny Health Network - Consent to Treat documents?

    A:  Yes.  These forms are necessary for our Certified Athletic Trainers to provide treatment and care to all student-athletes in the Pine-Richland School District.