Any injury should be reported to the medical staff as soon as possible.  Once made aware, the athletic trainer can/will:

    • Perform an evaluation to determine the best steps to ensure a safe return to participation.
    • Assist in any referral for additional evaluation.
    • Documentation of injury and any treatment rendered during time out.
    • Communication with the athlete, parent, and coach regarding the injury.
    • Provide any follow up-care not limited to: 
      • Taping/Bracing
      • Rehabilitation
      • Pre/Post Modality Treatments
      • Baseline/Follow-Up C3 Logix Concussion Testing
      • Gradual Return to Play Protocol


    IF AN ATHLETE SEES ANY PHYSICIAN (Ex. MD, DO, Emergency Room, Urgent Care, PCP, etc)

    Athletic trainers following instruction to treating patients; therefore, any injuries evaluated by a physician MUST have a WRITTEN medical clearance to return to sports participation.  Verbal instructions will not be accepted.  Parents may bring in the clearance OR take a picture and upload it to their child's Healthy Roster account.  

    Releases should include a legible description of:

    • Athlete’s name
    • Date of appointment
    • Diagnosis/Injury being treated
    • Statement of fully cleared OR description of any restrictions

    Once any return to play instructions are received, we will continue to be in communication with the coaching staff to ensure a safe return.  This may include a gradual return to sports.

    Athletic Training Room

    Pine-Richland has multiple athletic training rooms to help meet our sports medicine needs.  Locations include:

    1. Inside the high school beside the athletic office.
    2. Inside the middle school nurse's office.
    3. At the stadium; one sharing the hallway with the football locker rooms and the other on the visitors side building of the stadium.

    Athletic trainers will be located in the respective training rooms/fields depending on the coverage of sports at that time.

    It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to check in DAILY with their athletic trainer for any treatments and updates regarding their injury.  Continued communication between athlete- trainer-coach is a vital component during the recovery process.  


    For any athlete who sustains a minor/acute injury during sports participation the athletic training staff is able to guide the athlete through some physical therapy exercises.  

    Any athlete who is under a physician's care may still do rehab at the school with their athletic trainer however a written script or protocol is needed to ensure we are following the correct guidelines.  

    Post Surgical/Severe Injury Rehabilitation can NOT be efficiently executed in the athletic training rooms.  Formal Occupational/Physical therapy can be utilized at one of the following nearby offices:




    -Sports Performance in Wexford

    If you are in need of an appointment, please reach out to your treating physician or athletic trainer to assist in this.  Appointments are also available by calling the office directly or by visiting