• Athletic Eligibility

    To be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities, a student may not be failing two or more subjects in any given week. Any grade that falls between the range of 0 – 59 is considered a failing grade.

    Grades are checked weekly on student-athletes to ensure they are eligible to participate.
    Students who are currently failing two (2) or more classes are not permitted to participate in practice or athletic competitions for one week.

    Student-athletes are permitted to participate in practices, but they are not permitted to participate in any scholastic contests or games during this time period. For example, if a student-athlete is declared ineligible on Friday, the period of eligibility begins the Monday of the following week ending the Friday of that week. According to WPIAL rules, students cannot become eligible mid-week. Grades updated after school begins Monday morning will be counted toward the following week’s eligibility.

    Missing 20 or more days in the second semester of one year impacts a student’s ability to participate in fall sports the following year.