• FAQFAQs for Parents and Students

    How will existing accounts be converted? When the new Sapphire Community Portal is released, parents and students will log in once with the same username, password, and PIN they used previously.

    • Parents will have the option to change their username, and will be required to change it if there is a conflict with another account. Students will not be able to change their username.
    •  Parents must change their password. Students will only have to change their password if there is a conflict with another account.

    What if one student has multiple accounts? When a student's account is converted, any other student accounts that exist for the same student are deactivated, leaving only one account attached to that individual student. For example, if a student has two accounts because they applied for a new account when they forgot their password, once one account is converted to a PIN-less account, it will be the only active account for that student.

    When will a student be required to change their password? Student accounts will not be prompted to change their password in most cases. Students will only be prompted to change their passwords if there is a potential conflict with an existing account.

    Why must parents change their passwords but not students? Many schools use the same student username and password combinations for other utilities. For that reason, Sapphire is not requiring a password change.

    Why can parents change their usernames but not students? Student usernames are created by school administrators and are often used for other utilities in the school system.

    Can a parent change their username to an email address? Yes, they can. The new SCP allows email addresses to be used as account usernames.

    Who do I contact for help? Email the help desk at communityportal@pinerichland.org.