Committee Members

  • Senior Leadership Team

    • Mr. Glickman, Director of Human Resources
    • Ms. Hathhorn, Director of Communication
    • Mr. Hustwit, Director of Special Education
    • Dr. Justus, Assistant Superintendent (Elementary) 
    • Mrs. Kirk, Director of Financial and Operational Services
    • Dr. Miller, Superintendent
    • Dr. Pasquinelli, Assistant Superintendent (Secondary) 
    • Mr. Stoebener, Director of Technology


    • Dr. Domagala, EHUE Assistant Principal
    • Mr. Gironda, Athletic Director
    • Dr. Hernandez, HS Assistant Principal 
    • Dr. Kuzilla, HE Principal
    • Mr. Minsinger, MS Assistant Principal
    • Dr. Paczan, Lead Psychologist
    • Mr. Rucker, Asst. Director of Facilities

    Support Staff and Administrative Support

    • Ms. Torchia, Para-educator / ESPA President
    • Ms. Will, Administrative Assistant
    • Mrs. Williams, Administrative Assistant
    • Ms. Dindak, Human Resources Specialist

    School Board

    • Dr. Mehalik, Board Member & Staff Services Subject Lead
    • Dr. Meyer, Board Member & Academic Achievement Subject Lead

     Professional Staff

    • Mrs. Bianco, K-6 Intervention Specialist / Academic Leadership
    • Mr. Converse, HS Mathematics
    • Mrs. Fickes, RE Kindergarten / Academic Leadership Council
    • Ms. Graham, MS FCS / Academic Leadership Council
    • Mrs. Miller, EHUE Counselor / Academic Leadership Council
    • Ms. Prins HE 1st Grade 
    • Mr. Prucey, MS English
    • Mr. Rickard, MS/HS Music / Academic Leadership Council 
    • Mr. Roberts, HS Social Studies / Academic Leadership Council
    • Mrs. Schonbachler, HS Nurse / Academic Leadership Council
    • Mrs. Shenefiel, EH Librarian / Academic Leadership Council
    • Mr. Vins, WE 3rd Grade / PREA President / Academic Leadership 

    Parents / Community / Business

    • Mr. Carnovale, Business (Eaton) & Parent
    • Mrs. Drenning, Parent
    • Ms. Dunkis, Community
    • Ms. Frank, Business (First Commonwealth Bank)
    • Ms. Henderson, Community (Chatham Eden Hall)
    • Mrs. Hong-Bang, Parent
    • Mrs. Hunt, Parent
    • Mr. LeDuc, Parent
    • Mrs. Lund, Community (PROF Executive Director)
    • Dr. McGhee, Community (Stepping Stones Executive Director)
    • Ms. Mestre, Parent
    • Ms. Patsko, Community (Pine Township Parks & Recreation)
    • Mrs. Plowey, Parent
    • Ms. Ravotti, Parent
    • Mrs. Redlinger, Parent
    • Mr. Smalley, Parent
    • Dr. Watkins, Community (A.W. Beattie Career Center)