• Survey Data

    The district is preparing to begin the strategic planning process for 2023 – 2027. A significant amount of information related to the 2019 – 2023 strategic planning process is publicly available on this website.

    These resources include podcasts for the MVVstrategy development process and structure and content. It has been recognized by the Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Performance Excellence (MAAPE) as a strength. Opportunities for refinement may consider the systematic approach to the evaluation of intelligent risk (e.g., transforming the future or other areas of consideration). The process is grounded in data and information across multiple indicators. It should also consider an environmental scan within and outside of the education sector. Finally, it should remain grounded in our strategic context (e.g., competitive position, competitiveness changes, strategic advantages, and strategic challenges). 

    Our strategic planning process includes the examination of data gleaned in a locally-developed, optional stakeholder survey for students, parents and staff. The results of this annual process and further analysis are available here.