• Research Plan
    The 13 Colonies
    Penn's Colony
    Before you research:
    • Come up with a list of words that will help you with your search. For example:
      • New York
      • Colony
      • Delaware colony
      • Colonial
      • Colonial life in Rhode Island
    In the library:
    • Use Destiny to find a book about your colony. (October 2012- Most colony books are now on the reserve shelf.)
      • When you search in Destiny use the word list that you created to find a book that you think will be helpful.
      • The book that you are trying to locate may be on the "Reserve" shelf in the library if someone else has used it before you.
      • One you have the book in your hands, either READ to entire book, or use the Table of Contents or Index to locate information within your book.
      • Look at the "Appendices" in your book and see if the author has recommended any websites about your colony.
    • Use the World Book Encyclopedias to find an article about your colony. 
      • Remember that there is a difference between the state of Pennsylvania and the Colony of Pennsylvania

    On the Internet:
    • About.com has an easy to read 13 colonies chart with links to information about each colony.
    • Visit Mr.Nussbaum.com's 13 Colonies page. There are a lot of things to look at on this website so feel free to browse.
    • Visit the 13 Originals website.  This page has a short history of each colony, which you should read first, as well as related links.
    • Use Webpath Express in Destiny to find a reliable website about your colony.
      • Type in the the name of your colony and the word "colony"; i.e. "Georgia colony."
    • Look up "Colonial Life"  or your colony name in Grolier or Britannica Online and read the article. Don't forget that you may need a username and password to get on this site.

    Image: PENN'S TREATY. - William Penn (1644-1718), English Religious Reformer And Colonist, With His Treat With The Native Americans, 1682. Wood Engraving, 19th Century, After Felix O.C. Darley.. Fine Art. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 12 Oct 2012. http://quest.eb.com/images/140_1633018

Last Modified on October 12, 2012