• Research PlanBetsy Ross
    American Revolution Biographies

    In the library:

    • Use Destiny to find a book about your biographee. (Your books may be on the reserve shelf.)
    • Look up your biographee in the World Book Encyclopedia.
    • Use Destiny to find a book about the American Revolution and find your biographee in the index. (Your books may be on the reserve shelf.)
    • If your biographee was in an important battle you may want to look in a book about that battle


    • Use on Online Encyclopedia linked on our library resources page to do a keyword search on your biographee.
      Read the article using headings as a guide
    • Use Webpath Express (in Destiny) to find a reliable website about your biographee.  Type his or her name in as a keyword and click search.
    • Visit The American Revolution.org. Use the "people" link on the left hand side to find your biographee or browse the "Scholar's Showcase".
    • Browse the Women of the American Revolution at AmericanRevolution.org.
    • Look up your biographee in the Encyclopedia of World Biography.
    • Use a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and do a keyword search for your biographee
      • Find a reliable "tell you something" website with:
        • A more reliable top level domain (.org, .gov, .edu)
        • Current information
        • A reliable author or publisher
      • Read the information on the website (use the headings as a guide.)
    • Use Bartleby to find quotations by or about your biographee.
    Research Strategies:
    • Follow the research process:
      • Find your information- Find something to read.
      • Read your information with your pencil down- Read all of the information top to bottom, left to right, whole sentences and paragraphs.  Do not skim!
      • Check for understanding- If you don't understand what you read then re-read, ask for help, or find a different source.
      • Write down the things you want to remember- Do not copy whole sentences or thoughts.  Write short 2 or 3 word phrases, important dates, and names of people or places.
    • Look for appendices such as time lines and fact boxes.  These can give you a quick overview of the person's life and help you focus as you read.
    • Don't worry about answering your questions in order.  Skim your questions to get an idea of what you're looking for.  After you've finished reading write down the things that you want to remember near the questions to which they apply.
    • Use many sources.  This will allow you to see ideas and events that keep repeating. Write down the names of all of the sources that you use.
    • If you're looking for a quote, skim for quotation marks, read picture captions and look for writing in italics (sometimes these are letters.)
      • Remember, quotes aren't always spoken, sometimes they're written. 
      • If you find quotation marks make sure that you go back several paragraphs to see who said what and in what context.
      • Don't settle n the first quote that you find.  Look for a quote that is a good example of his or her role in the American Revolution.

    Image: BETSY ROSS (1752-1836). - American Seamstress And Patriot. Betsy Ross Sewing The First American Flag. Color Lithograph After A Painting By G. Liebscher.. Fine Art. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 14 Feb 2011.
Last Modified on April 25, 2012