• Apes and Primates...

    In the Library:

    1. Use Destiny to find a book on your primate.
    2. Use an encyclopedia to find an article on your primate.

    On the Internet:

    1. Visit The SanDiego Zoo’s Absoultely Apes website.
    2. Visit the Great Apes page from the Smithsonian National Zoooliogical Park.
    3. Visit Chimpanzee Central from the Jane Goodall Institute.
    4. Search  Grolier to find an article on your animal.  You can choose to use the “Amazing Animals” database or search all of the Grolier databases.
    5. Go to National Geographic Animals website and use the Quick Find box on the right hand side to search for your animal. You can also browse by letter or type.

Last Modified on July 28, 2010