• Research Plan
    A Year of Careers

    In the Library:Pencil Guy

    A selection of books about careers will be held on the reserve shelf in the library.  Ask Mrs. Shenefiel or Mrs. Graham for more information.

    On the Internet:

    Virginia Career View

    For information about jobs in specific career clusters, click on "Check It" and then click on the "Clusters" link.  Once on the cluster link check the box for the desired cluster and click "Next."  You will be shown several careers to explore.  This site also has games and other activities related to careers.
    Kids.gov Jobs Site
    Career information grouped by subject.

    Career Kids
    An alphabetical list of careers, not clustered.  You tube videos will not work at school.

    Career Exploration Guides and Resources from Vocational Information Center 2010
    Many links related to careers, grouped by grade level.  Some links to specific careers as well as links to resources.
    Career Zone Pennsylvania
    A great website with links to jobs in different clusters.  These clusters don't exactly match with the 16 career clusters, but the site is very easy to navigate.  Also includes some videos.  Appropriate for all grade levels.

    One to One
    Under 'find occupation' hit browse and look for careers/jobs by career cluster or job family.  On the main page to the right of the screen click “I want to be”.  You can search under 'search career' with key words or browse careers by industry. On the main page use occupation quick search to look for specific jobs or careers.  Most appropriate for 5th and 6th grade students.

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