• Debatable Issues...

    On the Internet:

    1. The Middle School Public Debate Program has a posted a topics research guide that has links to websites that support a specific topic.  Note: the links listed may be biased to support only one side of the argument.
    2. Use the International Debate Education Association’s debatabase. You can search the debatabase by keyword.  Gives pro and con arguments.  Note that because this is an international database, spelling and grammar may differ from what we’re used to.
    3. Visit ProCon.org.  This website provides background information and pro/con arguments on 30 controversial issues.
    4. Education Bug has a list of school issues.  Click on the link for your issue to get background information.  Look for a related link at the end of your article for debate information.  Note:  This website has lots of advertising throughout.  Ignore the huge google ad at the top.  The “real” text is smaller and black.

Last Modified on July 28, 2010