• Overview

    Extracurricular activities and interscholastic athletics are an important part of the educational experience for students. In an effort to preserve those opportunities and help offset the cost of program delivery, the Pine-Richland School District assesses an activity fee for student participation in all interscholastic sports and specific extracurricular activities.
    Activity Fee

    An activity fee is an amount established and approved by the board, which is assessed to district students in connection with and as a condition precedent to participating in extracurricular activities or activities as outlined in Policy 122 & Policy 123.
    Payment of this single, $100 fee entitles students to participate in multiple activities throughout the current school year.
    The fee is used to help offset the cost of the supplemental fee that the district pays to a sponsor or coach who oversees the program.
    Every student is assessed a fee  (except those who are approved for free/reduced meals). The fee will be removed at the end of the year if your child did not participate in programs subject to an activity fee. 
    For more information on the communication of the fee, how to make a payment, which groups fall under the fee, and what criteria is used to assess a fee, please select the topic to the left of your screen.
    Fee Waiver
    A fee waiver process exists for students who qualify for free and/or reduced lunch prices under federal law. Students who are experiencing other personal financial hardship may request a waiver and/or refund of any activity fee or fees. 
    Parents/Guardians will be asked to submit a confidential, fee waiver request to their child(ren)’s school principal.