Hall of Fame Application

 Distingushed Alumni Hall of Fame 

  Mission Statement
  To recognize, celebrate, and honor those who have realized their potential, distinguished themselves by their success through public service, professional contributions, academic or personal achievements.
  The Pine-Richland School District has educated thousands of students who have achieved great things. The Distinguished Alumni Award was created to honor selected graduates on an annual basis.
  To be considered for this award, the following materials must be received as soon as possible: a completed nomination form, the nominee's resume and three letters of support.

Please mail all materials to:
Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund
702 Warrendale Road
Gibsonia, PA 15044

A panel of judges will evaluate each nomination. A celebration event is in the early planning stages. Volunteers to serve on the committee are welcome.
  Nomination Criteria
  The nominee must:
1. Have attended public school or work in the Pine-Richland School District.
2. Attained academic or personal achievement as an outstanding member of his/her profession, or has made a contribution to public service.
3. Continue to emphasize the quest and love of life-long learning.
4. Be an exemplary role model for others.

In addition:
-A period of 10 years beyond his/her graduation year must have elasped.
-Nominees may be living or decreased.
-Three references must be provided.
-Applications will remain active for three years.

  Review and Selection Process
  Recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award will be people who have used their Pine-Richland School District education to achieve great things, whether in their chosen profession, or personal involvement.

Review committee:
-A panel of not more than three will be appointed by the Opportunities Fund Executive Board and Superintendent to receive, review, verify applications.
-Cover pages will be removed and each application will be given a number.
-Selection Committee will keep all information strictly confidential.

Selection Committee:
-A panel of not more than five (5) judges will be appointed by the Opportunities Fund Executive Board and superintendent.
-Judges will represent the community as follows: (1) selected from the Pine-Richland School District staff; (2) current student or a student who has graduated within the last ten years; and(3) chosen from the school district community-at-large representing different age groups.
-Two of the judges will serve a two year term; the other will serve for one year.
-Judges will keep all information strictly confidential.
-Judges will remain anonymous.
  Review and Selection Committee Responsibilities
  Review committee will:
-Read and review applications.
-Rank each application on a one to five ratio with then five being the highest.
-Rank each application in order of choice with five being the highest.
-Return the applications to the selection committee.

Selection committee will:
-Review and total the judges scores.
-From the final scores the judges will determine the number of nominees to be inducted, decide any ties, and resolve any disputes.
-The Selection committee will abide by the judges decisions.
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