• Student Information System (Home Access)

    Electronic Report Cards

    Electronic Report Cards

    Parents/Guardians Can View Grades, Schedule 
    & Bus Information for Students 

    Pine-Richland School District is pleased to announce that parents/guardians of students can access their children's bus information, classroom placements and/or courses/schedules. If you are looking for bus information, please click on the "REGISTRATION TAB."

    During the school year, parents can access their children's grades through the Home Access Center at 
    http://pinhomeaccess.spihost.com at 4:30 p.m. for end-of-quarter grades.  At the secondary level, students in grades seven through 12 can log onto the site.

    Accessing the System

    To access the system, click here or type http://pinhomeaccess.spihost.com in your browser. Parents/guardians must self-register by reading the instructions to the right of the screen.  Only one login is needed for a parent/guardian to have access to all of their children's information. Most Parents/guardians should have already self-registered. Although a time is indicated for bus pick up and drop off, please have your child/children arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time and leave a 5-10 minute window in the afternoon as well.


     If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the link: 
    • Be sure to close all internet browser windows before logging on to the site.
    • Open only the Home Access Center site in your browser. 
    • Delete saved log-in information, saved passwords. shortcuts, temporary internet files, cookies and browsing history.
    • Use this link http://pinhomeaccess.spihost.com to create a new shortcut and to access your child's grades.

    Parents/guardians should have already self-registered. However, if you did not, click on the above link to self-register. Only one log-in is needed for a parent/guardian to have access to all of his/her children's information. 

    While self-registering, you might receive an error message if your contact information does not match exactly with the district's information on file.

    Should you continue to have trouble registering or you cannot access information for all of your children, you can contact the following representatives at each school.

    Pine-Richland High School
    724-625-4444, ext. 1600  
    Kathy Morrow
    Pine-Richland Middle School
    724-625-3111, ext. 2254
    Lynn Ross
    Eden Hall Upper Elementary School
    724-443-1450, ext. 7001
    Tara Brandt
    Hance Elementary School
    724-443-1541, ext. 3601  
    Richland Elementary School 
    724-443-1558, ext. 4802
    Wexford Elementary School
    724-935-4631, ext. 5222 
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