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    Help Desk: communityportal@pinerichland.org

    The Sapphire Community Portal is connected to our Sapphire Student Information system (replacing the Home Access Center). This system provides our school community with current and up-to-date student information, which includes much more than grades (more features are being added). Taking into consideration the need for updated information, we transitioned to a system that offers more support and flexibility than our previous systems. Sapphire K-12 Systems enables our community to access and change information in a smooth, seamless manner.
    Pine-Richland parents and guardians have the ability to log into the Sapphire Community Portal to create their accounts if they haven't already done so. To access this process, Pine-Richland School District constructed an online registration process that enables parents/guardians to gain access to Sapphire K-12 Systems. Any parent or guardian wishing to set up new access to Sapphire may log in to the Sapphire Community Portal and complete the process.
    To do so, please click this Sapphire link. From there, follow the instructions on the resources below to create a username and password, and then provide all the required information for yourself and your students. Our goal is to provide all parents or guardians access to Sapphire within 3-5 business days from the completion of their respective application process. If, as a parent or guardian you have any questions or issues, please utilize our Sapphire support email at communityportal@pinerichland.org.
    The portal closes for maintenance annually on June 30.