Middle States Association

  • Dear Pine-Richland High School Parents,Middle States Logo

    The educational program at Pine-Richland High School is accredited through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. This designation is included on the PRSD graduate profile that accompanies college applications and provides an overview of the school district programs and performance. Accreditation is earned through a validation process aligned with 12 standards of organizational performance published by the Middle States Association.

    At this time, Pine-Richland High School is beginning the process of self-study necessary to maintain accreditation in the future. One component of that process is the use of Middle States surveys for students, staff, and parents. The specific questions on these surveys are designed by the Middle States Association and align with the twelve standard categories. For clarity purposes, this is specific to Middle States and different than the district-designed student survey for grade 12.


    Student Performance      Organizational Capacity