• It all began during the 2019-2020 school year. Today PRMS continues to implement the RAMS Way in the hallways and the cafeteria. There are 3 components of the RAMS Way that your child will engage with this year.

    1. The Behavioral Matrix: The behavioral matrix will serve as the place where our common expectations for the hallway and the cafeteria will be clearly spelled out. Your child will see the following posters displayed throughout the building.
      Rams Way Signs
    2. RAMS Way Lessons: Throughout the year, students will engage in lessons during our OLWEUS/ Activity period time. These lessons will leach the expectations laid out in the behavioral matrix. This goes along with the core principle of a schoolwide positive behavior support system, which is that behaviors need to be taught just like academics.

    3. Reward System--The RAMS Way 200 Club: After teaching the lessons, students will be reinforced for meeting the expectations with RAMS Way tickets. These tickets will be posted on the RAMS Way board in the cafeteria during traditional in-person and hybrid learning.  It will also live virtually right here. The RAMS Way board will have 200 spaces on it. When the board fills up, a prize drawing will occur for random students on the board. Then, the board will be emptied, and students will be able to submit more tickets. This goes along with the principle that positive behavior needs to be reinforced in order for it to continue.

      Be on the lookout for more communications and information about this exciting program.


      The PRMS RAMS Way Team