• The global pandemic has disrupted so many industries. In public education and at Pine-Richland specifically, we have responded with a balance of systems thinking and agility. This challenge has provided the generational opportunity for innovation and transformation. In this image to the right, we see COVID-19 as the "red star" event that stimulates change and innovation.Red Star
    We look forward with hope and anticipation to moving beyond the shadow of the pandemic. By the fall, we plan a return to the traditional, full in-person educational program for the vast majority of students and staff. Our traditional program will be strengthened and augmented by the integration of technology and a set of knowledge and skills learned over the past year. We want to clearly signal our intention to provide both a 5-day per week in person and a full virtual model Grades 1 - 12 as educational choices at Pine-Richland for the 2021 - 2022 school year and beyond depending on community interest. 

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