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    Saturday, April 1, 2023


    Dear :
    We welcome you with great pride and pleasure to the Pine-Richland School District Website. Please take the time to browse our site.
    Our mission, at Pine-Richland School District is to focus on learning for every student every day.
    Focused on Learning Image of Student in Class The vision of the Pine-Richland School District is a picture developed by a student that captures the mission and provides a vivid reminder of the challenge and opportunity of our schools. The  image conveys the following:
    Our vision at Pine-Richland School District is 
      • Learning is our primary purpose.
      • Learning occurs inside and outside the classroom.
      • Learning is measured as BOTH achievement AND growth.
      • Learning happens differently for different people so flexibility and variation is needed in the approach.
      • Learning requires effort and persistence.
      • Learning is for all of us and requires the support of everyone (e.g., student, staff, and parents).
    We value personal growth, resiliency, innovation, diverse opportunities and engagement within our staff and students. 

    We welcome you to our community.