• Athletic FacilitiesPurpose
    The board recognizes the value of a program of interscholastic athletics as an integral part of the total school experience for all district students and as a conduit for community involvement. Visit the Board Policy Website to view the most current policy language of Policy 123.

    For purposes of this policy, the program of interscholastic athletics shall include all activities relating to competitive or exhibition sport contests, games, or events involving individual students or teams of students when such events occur between schools within this district or outside this district.

    It shall be the policy of the board to offer opportunities for participation in interscholastic athletic programs to male and female students on as equal a basis as is practicable and without discrimination, in accordance with law and regulations.

    The board shall approve a program of interscholastic athletics and require that all facilities utilized in that program, whether or not the property of this board, properly safeguard both players and spectators and are kept free from hazardous conditions. 

    The board shall review all requests for the addition or elimination of P.I.A.A. - sanctioned sports in light of Title IX compliance, available space, coaching availability, scheduling, interest, and the fiscal capability of the district. Requests for the addition or elimination of interscholastic athletic programs shall be submitted to the athletic director.

    The board shall determine the standards of eligibility to be met by all students participating in an interscholastic program. Such standards shall require that each student, before participating in any interscholastic activity, be covered by student accident insurance, be free of injury; and undergo a physical examination by a licensed physician.

    The board further adopts those eligibility standards set by the Constitution of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association and shall review such standards annually to ascertain that they continue to be in conformity with the objectives of this district. The board reserves the right to require a student desiring to participate in the district’s interscholastic athletic programs to provide such evidence as may be necessary to establish the student’s eligibility under such standards.

    The board directs that no student may participate in interscholastic athletics who has not:

    1. Met the requirements for academic eligibility.
    2. Attended school regularly. 
    3. Been in attendance on the day of the athletic event or practice for the hours required.
    4. Returned all school athletic equipment previously used 
    5. Adhered to applicable discipline standards.

    Activity/Participation Fees
    An activity/participation fee, in an amount established and approved by the board, may be assessed to district students in connection with and as a condition precedent to participation in an interscholastic athletic activity or activities. the superintendent or his/her designee shall develop procedures and guidelines to administer and collect any such fees established by the board in accordance with this policy, including procedures by which students who qualify for free or reduced lunch prices under federal law or who are experiencing other personal financial hardship may request a waiver and/or refund of any activity/participation fee or fees.

    Off-Campus Activities 
    This policy shall also apply to student conduct that occurs off school property and would violate the Discipline Code if any of the following circumstances exist:

    1. The conduct occurs during the time the student is traveling to and from school or traveling to and from school-sponsored activities, whether or not via school district furnished transportation.
    2. The student is a member of an extracurricular activity and has been notified that particular off-campus conduct could result in exclusion from such activities.
    3. Student expression or conduct materially and substantially disrupts the operations of the school, or the administration reasonably anticipates that the expression or conduct is likely to materially and substantially disrupt the operations of the school.
    4. The conduct has a direct nexus to attendance at school or a school-sponsored activity, such as an agreement in school, at a school-sponsored activity, or during the time spent traveling to and from school and school-sponsored activities to complete a transaction outside of school that would violate the Student Discipline Code.
    5. The conduct involves the theft or vandalism of school property.
    6. There is otherwise a nexus between the proximity or timing of the conduct in relation to the student's attendance at school or school-sponsored activities.

    The board believes that participation in interscholastic athletics is an important part of the total educational process; however, participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege and not a right. Participation shall be contingent upon successful final completion of regular curricular requirements. In order to ensure a student’s continued eligibility to participate in athletics, administrators, coaches, and sponsors shall evaluate each student’s academic work, attendance, and behavior according to established administrative regulations. The efforts that address student needs as part of the evaluation are designed to support student learning and growth in his/her academic and athletic program.

    Student attendance in school on the day of any interscholastic athletic event shall be required.

    At a minimum, students must attend one-half of the school day, with a valid excuse for late arrival/early dismissal, to be eligible to participate in the athletic activity.
    A school-approved physician shall be in attendance at all home varsity football games. An ambulance shall be on call or in attendance at all home varsity, junior varsity, and 9th-grade football games.
    All opponent football teams shall be required to have a physician and an ambulance in attendance at away-from-home varsity football games.

    Delegation of Responsibility
    Each school year, prior to participation in an interscholastic athletic activity, every student-athlete and his/her parent/guardian shall sign and return the acknowledgment of receipt and review of the following:

    1. Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury Information Sheet. 
    2. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Symptoms and Warning Signs Information Sheet.

    The superintendent or designee shall disseminate rules for the conduct of students participating in interscholastic athletics. Such rules shall be in conformity with regulations of the State Board of Education, the P.I.A.A., and the school district.

    The superintendent shall ensure that similar athletic programs are offered to both sexes in proportion to the district's enrollment.

    The superintendent shall ensure that interscholastic athletics are open to all eligible students and that all students are fully informed of the opportunities available to them. 


    Male/Female Athletic Opportunities Report
    By October 15 of each year, on the designated disclosure form, the superintendent or designee shall report to the PA Department of Education the interscholastic athletic opportunities and treatment for male and female secondary school students for the preceding school year.

    By November 1 of each year, the completed disclosure form shall be made available for public inspection during regular business hours and posted on the district’s website. 

    The availability of the completed disclosure form shall be announced by posting a notice on school bulletin boards, in the school newspaper, on any electronic mailing list or listserve, and by any other reasonable means. 

    The superintendent or designee shall provide a copy of the Male/Female Athletic Opportunities Report to the board.