• Morning Car Rider Drop Off

    You may enter the parking lot beginning at 8:45 a.m. but the doors don't open until 9:00 a.m.

    During the school year, the doors remain open until 9:20 a.m. 

    PLEASE don't feel the need to arrive early; especially the first two weeks of school. Adults will stand outside and admit every child. No one is marked late due to the traffic the first two weeks of school; you will discover your smoothest traffic route after the first two weeks of school and know when to pull into the parking lot based on Brown Road traffic.

    MapEnter the front parking lot and immediately make a RIGHT.

    Follow the cars around the perimeter of the school parking lot. (You will be in a line that hugs the outside of the parking lot. You will see the ball fields, recycle paper dumpster, and eventually get to the sidewalk.)

    Stay in your car.  Make sure your child can reach their bookbag, water bottle, and lunch box. Make sure they can unbuckle. Make sure your car safety locks are off. 

    The students begin getting out of the car once they arrive at the sidewalk near the GYM doors.

    Students are prompted to get out (ON THE SIDEWALK SIDE) and stay against the school while walking.

    You will see the GYM doors open and the FRONT doors open.

    (Teachers are outside on the sidewalk.)

    We encourage children to get out whenever their car line stops.

    If your car line stops near the front doors, they get out and enter the school with a smile.

    If your car line stops near the gym doors, they get out and enter the school with a smile.

    After dropping off the student, always stay in the car line for the safety of other children transitioning. 

    Afternoon Car Rider Pick Up

    You may enter the parking lot beginning at 3:30 p.m. but the dismissal process doesn't begin until 3:45pm.

    Pick Up doors remain open until 4:00pm. If you are late, please buzz the front door. Your child will always be safe in the office.

    Parents can indicate on the Wexford Daily PM Car Rider form if their child is going to be a Car Rider every day, or on certain days of the week, all year or on a regular basis. (This eliminates the need for a PM Car Rider note every day) . 

    Please note that Car Rider instructions from the previous school year do not carry forward. A completed form for this school year is required.

    If your child will be an occasional Car Rider, a note must be submitted to the school office prior to 1:30 p.m. that day. The classroom teacher must also be informed if a child is an afternoon Car Rider for the day.

    Car Rider Forms are available here. Hard copies will be available in the Wexford Office. If there are any questions, please contact Mrs.Tara Franks at tfranks@pinerichland.org or 724-935-4631. 

    Parents/Guardians will park in the parking lot and get out of the car to line up at their child's assigned dismissal door.

    Last Name: A-L= Front Door, M-Z = Gym Door

    If there is a Car Pool of several children = use the Front Door.

    If you are in a Car Pool for dismissal, please write all of the names on your child’s note.

    (Signs posted on the sidewalk will indicate the locations.)

    Parents will stand outside and share their child's name with the Car Rider Staff. 

    Students are delivered to their parents outside the school.

    Parents are responsible for walking their children to their cars and leaving the parking lot safely.