Car Rider Procedures

  • August 18, 2023 Update

    Yesterday, you should have received an email with your child’s car rider number.  This number is for Day 1 only.  Because of the mail merge error, new numbers were assigned to students to be used beginning Day 2.  Every child and family will receive a number despite your status in case you need to utilize our car rider line.  If you are picking up your child on the first day of school, please write or type out your own sign in large letters that includes your child’s name and the number emailed to you.  This should be hung from your mirror or in a visible place while in the car rider line.  Check your child’s take-home folder on the first day of school for the neon green sign that should be utilized beginning on day 2 for car riders.  Please email or call the office if you need new or extra copies throughout the school year.  The emails were sent to the first contact email listed in Sapphire.  If you did not receive a number yesterday, and plan to pick up your child, please call the office at 724-443-1541 to get your number.  


    For this school year, we will continue our contactless car rider procedure. This procedure is highly efficient and safe. 

    Before school begins, each family will be emailed a PDF copy of a car rider sign with a unique ID that should be displayed in your rearview mirror for staff to easily see for the first day only. On the first day of school, a green sign will be provided that lists your child’s name and unique ID number.  The unique ID will allow us to easily match your child to your vehicle and keep the car rider line moving quickly while still ensuring safety protocols.  If you do not have your car rider sign, please be prepared to show identification to those on duty.  Please see the images below regarding the set up and traffic flow of car riders.

    We will follow the same pattern that is used for Kindergarten AM dismissal time.  Please be patient as we begin to implement this process.  We will all become more efficient as we learn and improve over the first few weeks back to school.

    • Car Riders K PM- 3:45 pm - 4:00 pm
    • Bus dismissal – 4:05 pm - 4:15 pm



    Once the car rider line ends, we will block off the lane (shown below in orange) to begin bus dismissal at 4:00 pm.  Cars that arrive once students begin boarding buses and the lane is blocked off should park in the back row and walk to the entrance of the building to wait for their child.


    Additional notes about car riders and early dismissals:

    • If you have an early dismissal, please log it in the Community Web Portal for Sapphire and email the classroom teacher.
    • If your child was tardy or absent, please log it in the Community Web portal for Sapphire.
    • If you have an upcoming trip and need to fill out the travel form, please complete the documentation in the Community Web Portal for Sapphire and inform your child’s teacher.
    • If your child is a car rider at dismissal, please fill in your child’s monthly calendar and keep the teacher informed of any changes.

    If you are ever in need of a new green sheet for afternoon dismissal with your child’s driveline number and name, please email the front office ( and/or