• Welcome to Eden Hall Upper Elementary School!

    It all began with a vision, a vision to create a pathway to the future.

    Eden Hall is home to grades four, five and six. Built in 2008 on a 36-acre property, Eden Hall contains 48 classrooms, a multi-purpose room, fitness room, gymnasium, media center, TV studio, playground, large group instruction room, amphitheater, walking trails, cafeteria and self-contained community room. The school is divided into communities. Each community holds two neighborhoods also known as biomes that are made up of four classrooms designed as houses. The biomes are aquatics, desert, forest and grasslands.

    Each classroom has an interactive board that allows teachers to project computer images and utilize other wireless devices. Another unique feature is the school's multipurpose room. The space holds retractable seating and can hold up to 550 people and is used for concerts, assemblies and grade-level gatherings.

    Eden Hall is home to the Dr. James C. Manley Media Center. The media center is located at the heart of the school and connects two academic wings. The center is large enough to hold four classes at one time and carries more than 15,000 books.

    Eden Hall Upper Elementary is one of the few schools that is earth friendly. The building has natural lighting through skylights, heat reclaiming devices, a white roof to reflect heat and many other energy-efficient features. Throughout the building there are six trees, each representing creativity, achievement, knowledge, respect, responsibility, health and wellness.