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    Due to our transition to "school at home", you may find these Google Classroom Join Codes helpful.

    General Music 
    (Mrs. Baney: hivkhre) (Mr. Rickenback: r62dvgf) (Mr. Timcheck: 3ntwd5j)
    (4th Band: ridmxto) (5th Band: p6pmb7u) (6th Band - nu344nq)
    (4th Chorus: sxei2ao) (5th Chorus: 37psqqd) (6th Chorus: dkltcrn)
    (email Mrs. Piroth for code)                       


    (Mr. Rickenback: hpo366)


    Eden Hall Music Curriculum

    Welcome to EHUE's Music Department website!  Along the sidebar, you will find links to all areas of our program as well as contact information for our teachers.  Although many of our pages are currently under construction, we hope this will become a valuable resource for you and your family!

    Music in our Schools Month 2020

    Daily MIOSM Trivia Question (click here)

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    March 2nd: What is the German word for, "piano"? ANSWER: Klavier

    WINNER: Antonella Samuels (5th Brockway)

    March 3rd: In the musical, "Wicked", what is the name of the Wicked Witch of the West? ANSWER: Elphaba

    WINNER: Abheek Tuladhar (4th Wippenbeck)

    March 4th: Most Operas are written in what language?  ANSWER: Italian

    WINNER: Sanika Das (6th Shaulis)

    March 5th: Who was the youngest member of the group, "The Beatles"  ANSWER: George Harrison

    WINNER: Levi Knopp (5th Eshbaugh)

    March 6th: What musical device was invented by Johann Maezel in 1814?  ANSWER: Metronome

    WINNER: Mateen Hasan (6th Shaulis)

    March 9th: What German instrument means, "Bell Play"?  ANSWER: Glockenspiel

    WINNER: Dhveesha Parma (4th Dayton)

    March 10th: What is the Italian term for plucking the strings on the violin?  ANSWER: Pizzacato

    WINNER: Alessia Miller (5th Raupp)

    March 11th: In 2016, this classical composer sold more albums than Beyonce. ANSWER: MOZART

    WINNER: Eva Merante (5th D.Conner)

    March 12: What holiday was "Jingle Bells" originally written for? ANSWER: Thanksgiving

    WINNER: Dominic Dent (5th grade Wolfe)





    Congratulations to the 98 schools that received the SupportMusic Merit Award (SMMA) from The NAMM Foundation.

    We are so proud to be recognized for the outstanding programs we offer our students here at Eden Hall!


    EHUE Music Staff

    EHUE Music staff

    Mr. Coulter & Mr. Nicodemus - Band 

    Mrs. Baney & Mr. Timcheck - Chorus & Music  

    Mr. Rickenback - Music & Exploring Guitar

     Mrs. Piroth & Mr. Shade Orchestra    


     Here is a wonderful article that is worth a read:http://www.musicparentsguide.com/  The video below explains the value of ensemble participation (focusing on band but applicable to chorus and orchestra as well):