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    Tammy Godino

    724-443-1541, ext. 2 or 3650
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    My name is Tammy Godino and I am the counselor at Hance Elementary. Please contact me at anytime by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns. I am here as a resource for you. Some of my responsibilities as a counselor at Hance include:

    Individual Counseling: I work with students individually based on parent, teacher or student referral.

    Small Group Counseling: I run small group counseling based on friendship/bullyproofing skills, changing family situations, study skills, new friends groups, social skills classes, and others as needed. I also have small groups called, "Lunch Bunch" where students can come over for lunch and we play games based on friendship building.

    Classroom Counseling:    The elementary counselors go into the classrooms three times a year.  We have a Bucket Filling lesson, Promoting Good Health lesson, and an Internet Safety lesson.  We can also go into the classroom and give a lesson upon teacher request during the schoolyear based on classroom concerns. 

    Coordinating our Schoolwide Positive Behavior Program:
    Hance will be starting our schoolwide behavior program. Students can receive WOW tickets for following the school rules and displaying kind behavior. Anyone in the building can give a student a WOW ticket. I will collect all of the WOW tickets every other week and pull a student's name from each class to be the WOW student for the next two weeks. The WOW student will have his/her picture put on the bulletin board and receive a certificate home. We will continue this program throughout the schoolyear. Please reinforce the school rules at home with your child so he/she will have every opportunity to be a WOW student for two weeks.

    Coordinating the Volunteer Program: There are two types of volunteers: Assistive and Independent. If you would like to be an Independent Volunteer, you need to get your clearances: Child Abuse, Criminal Record, and FBI Criminal Record. Both types of volunteers need to attend a volunteer orientation. Please contact me with questions.

    As a counselor, I also can go into the classroom to observe students based on parent or teacher request. I am part of the Response to Intervention Team and conduct the gifted screenings. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child while at Hance.

    Thank you,
    Tammy Godino
    724-443-1541, ext. 2 or 3650
Last Modified on April 13, 2017