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  • Mathematics
    Math homework will be sent home nightly (unless a test is given that day).  Please be sure to discuss the open ended questions with your child to check for understanding.  Guidance in answering these questions may be necessary.  We are working towards independence.

    Math Fact Practice
    We are continually working on addition and subtraction math facts strategies.  Regular math facts practice will build your child's confidence and increase automaticity. Mastering the facts to10 is a good place to start, then add in facts to 18.  Using flashcards, dice, and game cards are all great ways to practice.  Please see the links below for additional practice.

Language Arts

  • Spelling
    Spelling Homework will typically go home on Monday and Wednesday and is due the following day.  Please initial your child’s homework.

    Reading Goals
    Each month the students are required to read at least four books for their monthly reading goals assignment. The students are to pick one of those four books and complete a fiction or non-fiction report depending on the chosen book. Please encourage your child to write the answers in complete sentences, as well as, check for proper capitalization and punctuation.

Reading Resources