• PR Logo Background on Preserving
    Integrity of District Image

    The Pine-Richland School District has a grand and honored history.  What began as a single room schoolhouse is now a district that features six buildings, a stadium and several ball fields. In present day, the district is home to many different associations, organizations, clubs and programs representing students, staff members, parents, boosters and community members who ultimately represent the Pine-Richland School District.

    With that in mind, the district values preserving the integrity of its image and has established guidelines to help direct the appropriate use of the district logo and mascot images whether it be for apparel, promotional products or usage on equipment, signage, uniforms and much more.

    Following the guidelines below will allow Pine-Richland School District groups to carry on its strong foundation while projecting a uniform, consistent representation. It is essential that the Pine-Richland name, logo and images be used by Pine-Richland sanctioned organizations only and that no alternative logos or images be substituted for use. The Pine-Richland School District reserves the right to pull any logo or image that is not used correctly per the guidelines to the left.

    For any questions concerning the usage of the Pine-Richland name, logo and mascot, contact the Pine-Richland Communications Office at rhathhorn@pinerichland.org and/or 724-625-7773, ext. 6202.