• District Annual Notices

    The district releases annual notices regarding nondiscrimination, video/audio surveillance, videotaping, photography, and much more.  Here is a look at the overview. You can view it below or download by clicking here.
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    Annual Notices Annual Notice of Student Services
    Downloadable Document
    The Annual Notice of Student Services is published to provide you with information of the special education programs services that are available, the process by which the district screens and evaluates students to determine eligibility for special education services, gifted services, or Chapter 15/504 services, and information regarding the confidentiality of student educational records.  Just some topics that can be found in the PR Annual Notice of Student Services include:

    - Education of Homeless Youth, Educational Records (FERPA), &  English as a Second Language
    - Homebound Instruction Free & Appropriate Education, Parental Rights, Special Education Services - Chapter 14 & 15, & Gifted Education Services - Chapter 16
     - Public Outreach & Awareness System (Child Find), Services for Preschool-Age Children with Disabilities, & Screening, Evaluation & Placement