2023-2024 Academic Calendar

  • The Pine-Richland School Board approved the 2023-2024 Academic Calendar at the combined school board meeting on December 12, 2022. While constructing a calendar, many factors are considered. Some of those factors include:

    • Addressing student & staff days (professional development and clerical time)
    • Balancing student days within each quarter and semester
    • Taking into consideration standardized and end-of-course assessments
    • Identifying a start date later in August
    • Balancing AM and PM kindergarten hours
    • Identifying the last day and graduation date, graduation rain date, planning for graduation practices and end-of-year activities
    Notable dates for students/staff include:
    August 2023
    14-18—Teacher Clerical Contract Flex Day
    21—Teacher/Paraprofessional In-Service Day
    22—Teacher/Paraprofessional In-Service Day
    23—Teacher/Paraprofessional In-Service/Clerical Day
    24—First Day for Students
    September 2023
    4—Labor Day—School Closed
    October 2023
    26—Last day of Quarter 1
    27—Teacher/Paraprofessional In-Service/Clerical Day
    November 2023
    2—Virtual Practice Day
    2—Parent/Teacher Conferences—Half Day for Students
    3—Parent/Teacher Conferences—No Students
    23-27—Thanksgiving Break—School Closed
    December 2023
    4-15—Keystone Testing (Wave 1)
    25-29—Winter Break—School Closed
    January 2024
    1-2—Last Day of Winter Break—School Closed
    3-17—Keystone Testing (Wave 2)
    12—Last Date of Quarter 2
    15—Teacher In-Service/Clerical Day
    February 2024
    19—Teacher In-Service/Make-Up Day*
    March 2024
    22—Last Day of Quarter 3
    25-29—Spring Break—School Closed  
    April 2024
    1—Teacher In-Service Day/Make-Up Day*
    22-24—English Language Art PSSA Testing
    29-30—Mathematics PSSA Testing
    May 2024
    3—Teacher In-Service Day/Make-Up Day*  
    6-7—Science PSSA Testing
    13-24—Keystone Testing (Spring)
    27—Memorial Day—School Closed
    31—Last day for Seniors
    June 2024
    3-5—Graduation Practice for Seniors
    4—Last day for AM Kindergartners
    5—Last day for PM Kindergartners (attend AM hours) and Grades 1-11/Half day
    5—Last day for Quarter 4
    6—Teacher In-Service/Clerical Day
    7—Teacher Clerical Contract Flex Day  
    8—Graduation Rain Date
    *Emergency make-up days include February 19, April 1 and May 3, 2024

    To view the quarters, days off, and in-service and clerical days in greater detail, download the PDF version of the academic calendar